Until now it was almost impossible to get a good overview of your Team/Co-worker calendars and appointments with Outlook
Even though Exchange Server gives you added functionality, you can still only see if they are 'Free' or 'Busy', not what they are doing.

Our GroupCalendar solves that problem cheaply and effectively.

In addition to a Group View of the calendars for your team members , GroupCalendar allows you to create and edit these appointments on behalf of others (if you want this option). There is also a GRID view, allowing you to have an electronic planning board on your screen with all the appointment details.

All of these features are available using GROUPCALENDAR installed on a shared drive or a peer to peer network. - There is no need for central server software.  The calendar usage information is not limited to people appointments and can include a bookings overview for Equipment, Rooms, Cars etc.

  • Synchronise your Outlook calendar with others in your Office or Team.
  • No server software required but it will give you more funtionality if you have
  • Syncronise your PDA to Outlook and then to GC for all to see
  • The other way around, take GC with you on your PDA using 'Pocket On Schedule' or similar and take the Office Calendar with you !
  • Calendar synchronisation on your return to the office no problem!

  • Sharing Calendars in Outlook
  • Group view of Outlook Calendars
  • No Exchange Server needed
  • Ideal for any team on a network
  • Departmental split view and Grids
Use GroupCalendar to manage events, meetings, deadlines, tasks, schedules, announcements, and more, for teams and individuals.

Why not import your favourite Calendar of Sport or Club events and share this with everyone in the office ?
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