Exchange Server version
  • Nothing to install on the workstations.
  • Automatic instant processing of new, changed or deleted items in users personal calendars, Real time processing.
  • Full Outlook Web Access support  - Grid views see sample below at bottom of page.
  • Native Exchange Server and Active Directory integration using only the power that Exchange server makes available. (store events)
  • Safe server processing control (com+)
  • Full native Outlook / Exchange resync when disconnected laptop users reconnect.
  • 3 years of free phone/email support and free updates.   (Global site)
Exchange Group Calendar integrates with Exchange server and does not need software on the OutlookŪ workstations to give you one, two or twenty Group Calendars.

After the simple '3 step' server installation process, your GroupCalendars are ready for use, just one click away for the Outlook users who participate in the GroupCalendars without the need for them to do anything other than what they normally do, keeping their personal calendars up to date.
Exchange Group Calendar can manage an almost unlimited number of real-time company shared Group Calendars.

Exchange server is a very powerful piece of software. It's the perfect tool to help your team collaborate trough OutlookŪ . Either at your desk in the office or at home over the internet using Outlook Web Access. Even mobile use from PDA's or alike is possible.
Exchange Group Calendar will enhance your "out-of-the-box" Exchange Server software with a superb additional functionality to see other calendars.
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Team Products Pty Ltd
Group Calendar is sold and supported in Australia by;  Team Products Pty Ltd
P.O Box 3383, Cherrybrook, NSW  2126, Tel   +61 (0)2 8206 2423
  • Sharing Calendars in Outlook
  • Group view of Outlook Calendars
  • No Exchange Server needed
  • Ideal for any team on a network
  • Departmental split view and Grids