• Synchronise your Outlook calendar with others in your Office or Team.
  • No server software required but it will give you more funtionality if you have
  • Syncronise your PDA to Outlook and then to GC for all to see
  • The other way around, take GC with you on your PDA using 'Pocket On Schedule' or similar and take the Office Calendar with you !
  • Calendar synchronisation on your return to the office no problem!

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Team Products Pty Ltd
Group Calendar is sold and supported in Australia by;  Team Products Pty Ltd
P.O Box 3383, Cherrybrook, NSW  2126, Tel   +61 (0)2 8206 2423       www.teamproducts.com.au
  • Sharing Calendars in Outlook
  • Group view of Outlook Calendars
  • No Exchange Server needed
  • Ideal for any team on a network
  • Departmental split view and Grids